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GENERIC Levitra (Vardenafil) – 60mg / PER TAB – CENTURION LABS

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Levitra Functions and Traits

As a PED5 Inhibitor, Vardenafil functions by relaxing the muscles and forcing more blood into the penis in order for an erection to be obtained or maintained. buy Levitra in usaED can be defined by the inability to obtain or maintain an erection or in some cases the inability to obtain or maintain a full and ridged erection .

The ED drug Levitra, like all similar PED5’s, functions by binding nitric oxide to the guanylate cyclase receptors thereby increasing cGMP levels. This creates a smooth relaxation of the muscle and creates a pathway for increased blood Levitra in usa

While Levitra is very similar to Viagra and Cialis it is more closely related to Viagra with the only difference being the position of a nitrogen atom and the addition of an ethyl group rather than methyl group. The slight alteration gives Levitra a slightly longer active life than Viagra but still much shorter than Levitra in usa buy Levitra in usa

Effects of Levitra

The effects of Levitra are very straightforward, remedying erectile dysfunction in men who have a blood flow issue. Levitra will not remedy a libido issue. If libido is the issue the individual may need to have his hormone levels checked. buy Levitra in usaIf the issue is blood flow and not hormone related, sexual stimulation is still required for the medication to work but assuming stimulation is provided the blood flow issue should be remedied in most cases. Some data has also suggested that Vardenafil may also aid in preventing premature ejaculation. Some data has also suggested that penis rigidity is greater with Levitra than Viagra; however, data shows that this tends to be more individualistic than anything Levitra in usa

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    Mordechai Ackerman

    These pills are worth buying. Yourmuscleshop has done a great job carrying these amazing products. I am very happy with the product. Keep it up guys you Rock!

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